Summer Camp 2017

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    Tiger Claw 2017

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      CMAT 2017

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        The 2nd World Taijiquan Championships

        One of The U.S. Wushu Center student Alexander Yu went to attended the 2nd World Taijiquan Championships which was held in Warsaw, Poland on October 14 – October 20, 2016. Alexander Yu represented the U.S. Team won 3 Gold medals. Alexander did a great job and we are all very proud of him!



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          11th PAWC & 2016 USAWKF

          The U.S. Wushu Center sent 5 students to the 2016 USAWKF National Wushu Championships and Alexander as USA Wushu Team member to attend the 11th Pan-American Wushu Championships which were held in  Lubbock, Texas, USA from August 8th-14th, 2016.

          Congratulations to our excellent students:

          Alexander Yu: 1st place Taijiquan winner & 1st place Taijijian winner in the 11th Pan-American Wushu Championships.

          Ava Yu: 1st place Long Fist winner & 1st place Double Broadsword winner & 1st place Straghtsword winner in 2016 USAWKF National Wushu Championships.

          Kylie Jones: 1st place 3 section staff winner & 1st place Broadsword winner & 1st place Staff winner & 1st place Long Fist winner in 2016 USAWKF National Wushu Championships.

          Richard Jones: 1st place Chen Broadsword winner in 2016 USAWKF National Wushu Championships.

          Sin Yi Jones: 1st place Sun Style winner & 1st place Taiji Fan winner in 2016 USAWKF National Wushu Championships.

          Alan Ashenberner: 1st place 24 Young Taijiquan winner & 1st place 32 Straightsword winner in 2016 USAWKF National Wushu Championships.



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            Master Gao's & Master Shaowen's performances

            Master Gao – JUN 2014 San Jose USAWKF (The United States of America Wushu Kungfu Federation)

            with six US.WUSHU CENTER TaiCHi students and Daughter Ava performing Chinese Zither


            Master Gao – San Francisco Golden State International Wushu Championship

            with Daughter Ava performing Chinese Zither

            Master Gao – 8 Yang Form

            Master Gao – 24 Yang Form


            Master Gao – 42 Straight Sword

            Master Gao – Free Style Tai Chi

            Master Gao (#014) at Asian Games Competition (1998) | Start video at 1:44

            View Master Gao 42 Combined Form at Asian Games competition (1990)  

            View Master Gao’s Wushu Spear and Straight Sword performance

            View Master Gao’s Fighting Sword performance (Red Uniform)


            Master Shaowen Empty Hand and Staff

            Master Shaowen Long Fist

            Master Shaowen Long Fist 2

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